Tina Sebàs Biography

Tina Sebàs (Pseudonym) is an IllustratorSketch Artist and owner of ArtPees, an online art gallery, which showcases and sell a variety of arts, Chief Art Director of ArtPees Magazine’s annual issues and Head Illustrator for SebastianBooks®.

 Early Life 

Born May 1971 in Meriden, England near Birmingham to Jamaican  parents Elford (née Kiffin), a nurse, and Oswin Mullings, a British soldier, who both migrated to the United Kingdom in the 1950s, Tina Sebàs is the last child of six daughters. 

Brought up in Birmingham, she attended Golden Hillock School in the Sparkhill area of the city before attending the University College of Birmingham (College of Food) where she successfully studied and attained all relevant qualifications to be a Head Chef. 

Sebàs has worked mainly in the Food and Catering industries for more than twenty years and ran her own cake baking and decorating business, Peessacake, for a few years, before it collapsed in the recession.  

Tina Sebàs

Personal Life

In 2008, Tina Sebàs marries long time partner, Author Ian T. Sebàs; the couple has one child together. She loves fashion and travel. 

Bahnhofstrasse is the world’s most perfect street!”  - Tina Sebàs

She has lived in both Jamaica and Switzerland longest, outside of her native England.

Associated Charities

Along with her husband, Tina Sebàs co-founded Immi Aid, a charity designed to provide advice and assistance regarding legal matters.

 Notable Acknowledgements